Elevating sales team performance 

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WERA CRM software is a sophisticated customer-centric platform that caters to your sales requirements with precision. By efficiently tracking leads, providing accurate forecasts, and prioritizing opportunity closure, it empowers your sales team & Medium & small business owners ( MSME's) for success.

Keep options visible

Modify these columns to fit your design. Duplicate, delete, or move columns by selecting and using the top icons.

Stay on top of follow-ups

Plan calls, meetings, mailings, or quotes, and Wera will schedule the next action based on your sales script.

Effortless communication avoids confusion

Communication is vital. Incoming emails are seamlessly integrated into your pipeline for efficient team and customer interaction.    

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CRM: For Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, QSR etc.), Retail stores, Service based business, Agriculture, Education & training, Financial services , E-commerce, Medium & small business owners ( MSME's)

Sell Faster

Modern User Interface

An intuitive user interface with smart filters gives a better overview of all your sales activities. Use tips and best practices to configure and deploy your CRM.


Use your CRM on the go with Odoo's mobile-friendly interface.

No more encoding

Send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline with drag and drop, etc.

Set up activities

Your planned calls are queued, ensuring a seamless switch from one task to the next.


Leads Nurturing

Create campaigns to automatically send emails tailored to the lead segment and activities of the lead. Get several marketing modules to boost leads acquisition from your website: Search Engine Optimization tool, form builders, a/b testing tool, etc.

Predictive lead scoring

Wera computes the probability of success according to several criteria such as past performance.


Detect countries, states and cities of leads automatically from your visitor IP address.

Live chat

Activate Wera Live Chat on your website to talk to your visitors and convert them into leads. Define rules for key countries or pages. Chatbot sends predefined messages automatically.


Detect countries, states and cities of leads automatically from your visitor IP address.


Get proposition of leads to merge when converting a lead into an opportunity. Create contacts automatically based on leads.

Assignation Rules

Define your own rules to assign leads to the right sales team or sales person based on quotas and segments.

URL trackers

Track the source of the leads using UTM trackers in all your marketing campaigns.

Lead enrichment

Enrich contacts' information based solely on an email address or a phone number.


Activities and calls management

Effectively manage activities and calls by organizing their order and scheduling them for each opportunity, while promptly logging and analyzing them in the opportunity's chat. Additionally, monitor and record your team's activities to ensure efficient workflow management.

Pipeline management

Get a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline. Work faster with the drag & drop interface. Set up specific stages for each sales team.Analyze lost reasons on your opportunities to improve your sales effectiveness.

Customize stages

Customize your pipeline by adding a description on stages.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule meetings from the opportunity of customer. Sync with mobile phones and Google calendar.

Plan Next Actions

Plan next actions and schedule your daily work based on most important opportunities and tasks.

360° Visibility

Get all information right into the opportunity: pages visited on your website, mails, meetings, next actions, preceeding orders, etc.


Address Book

Get a clear address book shared amongst your sales persons.

Customer Preferences

Set customer preferences easily: language, delivery methods, financial data, etc.


Have multiple addresses and contacts for a single company.

Full History

Get the full history of activities attached to any customer: opportunities, orders, invoices, total due, etc.

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