It is imperative that you remove the file named invoice-template.xlsx

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Add every employee's resume to their personal profile. You can then use the search and filter options on the dashboard to find employee’s based on their work experience, education and certifications.


Enrich each employee's profile with measurable skills. Skill types can be customized and updated to track employee development over time.

Onboarding/offboarding plans

Create and implement onboarding and offboarding plans whenever an employee joins or leaves the organization. Each plan triggers a preset series of activities, across different applications, to ensure a smooth transition.

Request Appraisals

Allow both employees and managers to request a performance review through the Appraisals app directly from an employee record at any time, even if it does not coincide with the company schedule.

Request Time Off

Allow employees to request time off directly from their employee profile or record, without opening the Time Off application.

Signature Request

Send a message to an employee requesting they review and sign a document from their employee record.


Assign the appropriate staff members who will be responsible for approving expenses, time off, and timesheets for an employee on their individual record.


Specify a default work location for each day of the week, whether an employee is in the office, working from home, or remotely from another location. Once configured, this schedule repeats itself every week.


Specify working hours and schedules for each employee, as well as their timezone.

Planning Roles

Assign roles that an employee is qualified to fill shifts for in the Planning application.

Org Charts

Sort departments and teams into an easy to view organizational chart that is featured on every employee profile. Show where employees land on the company hierarchy, their manager, and their subordinates.

Time Off

See the number of days off an employee has remaining, and click on the smart button to be taken to the Time Off application.


Click on the Planning button to be taken to the Planning application and view the upcoming work schedule. You can also swap shifts with other employees (if you have the appropriate access rights).


The Timesheets button takes you to a list view of the past week's worth of timesheet entries, and provides you with the opportunity to add new entries.


If an employee has been assigned a company car, it will be listed on the Cars button. Click on it to be taken to the Fleet app to view more details, and make updates.

Equipment Count

The Equipment Count button notes if any tools, machinery, hardware, etc. has been assigned to an employee. This button connects to the Maintenance application and tracks costs, vendor information, and usage.


The Contracts button lists the creation date of an employee's most recent contract. If the contract is active, the text of the button will be green. If it has expired, it will be red


Once an employee has signed any documents through the Sign application (such as an employee handbook, NDA, offer letter, etc.), it will be noted on the Documents button.


eLearning courses that have been assigned to an employee can be tracked via the Courses smart button. As an employee completes their assigned courses, the button will update to reflect their progress.

Access Rights

Configure different access levels for employees, managers, and team leads to keep private information private.

Employee Editing

Allow employees to edit their own data. (Or prevent them from doing so).


Create departments and sort employees based on responsibilities. Departments can be assigned to a “parent” department for further organization.


Store employee contracts, and track their status. Create contract templates that can be used in the Payroll and Recruitment applications.