Presenting a state-of-the-art inventory racking system 

Enhance inventory control, streamline operations, optimize delivery routes, and gain real-time visibility with Wera's cutting-edge warehouse management application. 

Optimize the speed of receipt handling, quality assurance, and storage procedures

Manage inbound and outbound shipments effectively through the enforcement of push and pull regulations, adherence to GS-1 coding standards, and the implementation of customized routing protocols.

Optimize storage operations by employing strategic put-away techniques such as categorizing items based on their movement speed, conducting ABC analysis, and utilizing cross-docking methods to minimize part transfers and reduce overall travel distances.​=

Impeccable restocking

Prevent stockouts by employing sophisticated replenishment tactics like min-max rules, Make-to-Order (MTO), or the master production schedule. Utilize Wera's capabilities to suggest or automatically initiate purchase orders. Enhance vendor relations by automating follow-ups for PO acknowledgment, confirming receipt schedules proactively, and other communication tasks.

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Optimize your warehouse

Cutting-edge inventory control system offering a full suite of functionalities including serial numbers, lots, packaging, reservation strategies, cycle counting, KPIs, and more...

Speedy barcode scanner

Quickly access all expenses, reports, and statuses on the dashboard.

Stock assessment

Wera provides robust support for multiple valuation methods such as FIFO, Average Price, LIFO, and Standard Price, catering to both perpetual and periodical inventory management needs.

Enhance efficiency by choosing optimal routes

Streamline procurement processes by meticulously charting complex routes in Wera and automating the planning of transfers.

Exercise precise control over supply chain operations through strategic coordination of actions across multiple applications.

Enhanced traceability


Real-time monitoring of stock, inventory transactions, and production activities. 

First list of Features

Inventory:  For Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurants, QSR etc.), Retail stores, Service based business, Agriculture, Education & training, Financial services , E-commerce



Create and manage specific storage locations, like shelves, aisles, cold storage rooms, and pallet racks.

Putaway rules

Automatically route products to ideal storage locations based on real-time capacity (storage categories), product storage needs, and picking accessibility.


Create dedicated locations to receive products, sort, pack, and other warehouse operations.


Set predefined routes for return condition assessment, refurbishing, restocking, or disposal. When integrated with the Accounting app, the returned product's updated inventory valuation immediately hits your books.


Create smart automatic batches based on shipping carriers, serial numbers, specific quantities, and total weight for picker convenience. If stock is insufficient, the option to create a backorder is available.


Assign barcodes to sealed packages for content tracking, with location updates of the package also reflecting the location of contained products.

Reordering rules

Trigger purchases, inter-warehouse transfers, and manufacturing orders based on customizable rules for minimum and maximum stock.

Lead times

Manage your just-in-time inventory (JIT) with a comprehensive and integrated variety of lead planning inputs that get factored in on every order.


Trigger purchase and manufacturing orders upon sales order confirmation. Customizable routes for warehouses, products, and orders.

Smart removal

Choose product removal strategies (FIFO, FEFO, nearest available zone, LEFO) and streamline picker paths with the right picking method (single, batch, cluster, wave).


Role-based to-do list

Dedicated dashboards to keep the order fulfillment, purchasing, quality, picking, packing, and receiving teams on top of their daily tasks. Tasks with the earliest deadline are prioritized to ensure orders are fulfilled on time, every time.


Manage incoming shipments with vendor-provided arrival dates and automatic unit of measure conversion for received quantities. (e.g. buy in tons and sell in kg.)


Scrap products in just a few clicks and get clear reports on scrap: their costs, reasons and volumes.

Inventory adjustments

Schedule recurring stock counts on vital storage locations, products, or lots to keep inventory up to date all the time.

Advanced routes


Coordinate with the supplier to deliver certain products directly to customers.


Unload incoming material and directly transfer to outbound gates with little to no storage in between.

Push and pull rules

Create custom routes to automatically plan transfers between any warehouses and locations.


Quotation to shipment

Track every step of your product's journey, from vendor to customer in granular detail. At the confirmation of a sales order, purchase orders, warehouse transfers, and delivery orders are triggered to procure and release products to the customer.

Lots/serial numbers

View a dedicated report to track products from supplier to customer. Rich product identity records enable advanced tracing into after-sales services.

Perpetual inventory valuation

Real-time accounting records generated for a product from stock purchases, scraps, and other inventory actions.

Audit trail

Log all user actions: such as stock moves, counts, adjustments, approvals of adjustments, and record modifications.

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