Discontinue the process of pursuing paper receipts

Stay organized with Wera Expenses and bid farewell to the chaos of paper receipts.

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Effortlessly submit while on the move

Streamline your expense reporting with the convenience of submitting expenses from your smartphone! Whether you're emailing an expense or uploading a receipt via Wera's mobile app, stay organized by promptly logging expenses as you gather receipts on the fly!

Comprehensive reporting

Easily view and analyze expenses with tailored reports. Filter by employee, category, dates, and more for precise insights. and/or groupings, and favorite them for easy access.  

Every expense meticulously outlined in a unified report 

Streamline the submission process by compiling all expenses into a single report. This method simplifies the workflow for employees, managers, and accountants, promoting efficiency and ease of processing.



  • Expense submissions

  • Easily submit expense requests from the desktop version, the mobile app, or by emailing the receipt to an email alias.

  • Add attachments

  • Easily add attachments to expense records to provide reviewers with additional information, such as tickets, invoices, etc.

  • Expense reports

  • Speed up the approval process by grouping related expenses in a single expense report, so all the expenses can be approved with one click.

  • Add comments

  • Write notes on expense records to add additional information for reviewers.

  • Submit to Managers

  • Submit drafts of expenses to managers to request an approval.

  • Check status

  • Have a clear overview of all expenses, grouped by employee, time period, status, and more.


  • Review expense records

  • Review employee's notes to complete, validate, or refuse expenses. Add a comment when refusing expenses to give employees an explanation.

  • Compare expenses and receipts

  • Wera  displays a preview of the receipt next to the expense request in order to speed up the approval processes.

  • Accounting integration

  • Once approved, journal entries for the expense will be posted and reconciled.

  • Manage per team

  • Follow expenses for a whole team.

  • Reinvoice your expenses

  • Easily invoice your expenses to a customer.


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