Sales & Invoicing
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Per month subscription plan

Efficient Selling
Modern User Interface
All the information you need, where you need it with a fast and intuitive user interface designed for salespeople.
Mobile Capabilities
Use Wera 's mobile interface to sell on the road.
Reduced Data Entry
Send quotes in just a few clicks. Convert quotes to sales orders and invoices from the same screen. Use the integrated CRM app to manage your sales pipeline from qualification to closing.
Sales Warnings
Get warnings before sending quotations to specific customers or for specific products.
Professional Quotations
Quotation Builder
Create a polished quote in seconds. Use predefined products, price lists, and templates to instantly apply the right prices to quotations.
Quotation Template
Design custom quotation templates in just a few clicks and reuse them to save time.
Pro Forma Invoicing
Send pro forma invoices to your customers.
Quotations are optimized to help your company sell more by proposing additional products and other extra options, applying discounts and closing triggers, and more.
Electronic Signature
Sell faster with electronic signatures, allowing your customers to review and sign their quotations online.

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₹ 199.00 Tax Included

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    Terms and Conditions
    1: Software products are sold on yearly subscription
    2:  Pay the subscription fee in advance for each billing cycle
    3: The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle.  
    4:  The Customer may cancel the subscription at any time by providing written notice
    5:  No refunds will be provided for partial subscription periods.