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Per month subscription plan

Create and manage specific storage locations, like shelves, aisles, cold storage rooms, and
pallet racks.
Putaway rules
Automatically route products to ideal storage locations based on real-time capacity (storage
categories), product storage needs, and picking accessibility.
Create dedicated locations to receive products, sort, pack, and other warehouse operations.
Smart removal
Choose product removal strategies (FIFO, FEFO, nearest available zone, LEFO) and
streamline picker paths with the right picking method (single, batch, cluster, wave).
Role-based to-do list
Dedicated dashboards to keep the order fulfillment, purchasing, quality, picking, packing, and
receiving teams on top of their daily tasks. Tasks with the earliest deadline are prioritized to
ensure orders are fulfilled on time, every time.
Manage incoming shipments with vendor-provided arrival dates and automatic unit of
measure conversion for received quantities. (e.g. buy in tons and sell in kg.)
Set predefined routes for return condition assessment, refurbishing, restocking, or disposal.
When integrated with the Accounting app, the returned product's updated inventory valuation
immediately hits your books.
Scrap products in just a few clicks and get clear reports on scrap: their costs, reasons and

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₹ 199.00 Tax Included

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    Terms and Conditions
    1: Software products are sold on yearly subscription
    2:  Pay the subscription fee in advance for each billing cycle
    3: The subscription will automatically renew at the end of each billing cycle.  
    4:  The Customer may cancel the subscription at any time by providing written notice
    5:  No refunds will be provided for partial subscription periods.