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Add every employee's resume to their personal profile. You can then use the search and filter options on the dashboard to find employee’s based on their work experience, education and certifications.
Enrich each employee's profile with measurable skills. Skill types can be customized and updated to track employee development over time.
Onboarding/offboarding plans
Create and implement onboarding and offboarding plans whenever an employee joins or leaves the organization. Each plan triggers a preset series of activities, across different applications, to ensure a smooth transition.
Request Appraisals
Allow both employees and managers to request a performance review through the Appraisals app directly from an employee record at any time, even if it does not coincide with the company schedule.
Request Time Off
Allow employees to request time off directly from their employee profile or record, without opening the Time Off application.
Signature Request
Send a message to an employee requesting they review and sign a document from their employee record.

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₹ 199.00 Tax Included

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